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Business, The Universe and Everything: Conversations with the World's Greatest Management Thinkers

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Jean-Luc Nancy received his Ph. He eventually became a Professor at the University of Strasbourg, and, though he is now retired, continues to add publication credits to his already lengthy bibliography. His approach is associated with continental philosophy and deconstructionism, and his work is primarily focused in ontology and literary criticism. Working in the analytic school of philosophy, Nussbaum is has primarily focused on political philosophy, ethics including animal rights , and feminism. On top of all of that, Nussbaum has been awarded 51 honorary degrees.

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Nussbaum has drawn on ancient Roman and Greek philosophy in order to make her arguments, such as in her books The Fragility of Goodness: Somewhat due to this focus, Nussbaum testified in the Colorado bench trial for the landmark U. Supreme Court case Romer v. Oderberg has worked in the areas of metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion, but is perhaps best known for his particularly conservative moral philosophy.

In his book influential Applied Ethics , Oderberg argues against notable moral philosopher Peter Singer, and contemporary utilitarian and consequentialist approaches to moral philosophy. For Oderberg, a fetus is an innocent life, and abortion and euthanasia are equivalent to contract killing.

kick-cocoa.info/components/buhenowo/lyxy-come-rintracciare-un.php Oderberg has also been in the forefront of philosophers interested in renewing traditional i. Alvin Plantinga received his PhD. As a student, Graham Priest studied more mathematics than philosophy, and earned a Ph. His work is primarily focused in logic, and he has been widely published with an estimated papers to his name, in addition to six books. John Searle received his Ph.

Earlier in his career, Searle focused specifically on philosophy of language, particularly the work of J. In his book Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language Searle developed what came to be known as speech-act theory, taking a very systematic approach to investigating the relationship between illocutionary acts and meaning; this would later lead to a major debate with Jacques Derrida.

Depending on what you read and where you study, Searle may be more notable for his influential work in philosophy of mind. Peter Simons earned his Ph. His writing primarily focuses on metaphysics and ontology, as seen in his book Parts: Though he only has two books to his name, Simons has published over two hundred articles. In his work, Simons has been influential in his particular concern with the application of metaphysics and ontology to non-philosophical disciplines, especially in engineering.

Peter Singer received an M. Singer specializes in applied ethics, and is best known for his contemporary utilitarianism. Being a specialist in applied ethics, Singer has been influential not just through his books and articles, but through his actions. Singer is a very popular moral philosopher, both in and out of academia, and because of his fame, influence, outspokenness and moral stance, Singer has garnered controversy and protest, especially among conservative groups.

Singer evaluates how the individual interests of living beings should be weighed, concluding that they do not all garner equal treatment. Singer is a strong advocate of altruism, arguing that our goal should be to reduce suffering in the most effective way possible. Singer is also a major advocate of animal rights, and his book Animal Liberation has been very influential to the modern animal liberation movement. As an undergraduate, Barry Smith studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Oxford, before earning his Ph. As evidenced from his professorial titles, Smith occupies both the role of philosopher and scientist, blending the two areas of study through his dual focus on ontology and biomedical informatics.

Smith has published articles in as many scientific publications has he has in philosophical publications, and his approach can be roughly described as applied ontology, as opposed to the very theoretical approach that is usually associated with ontology. Army and Air Force. Though he has written on metaphysics and philosophy of mind, Sosa is primarily an epistemologist. Virtue epistemology represents a renewed philosophical interest in the concept of virtue, introducing intellectual virtues as a way to resolve the debate between foundationalism and coherentism.

Only through engaged conversations over time can managers create failure-tolerant work environments that invite innovation. But astute managers mark the daily progress of small successes and failures with an evenhanded, open curiosity about the lessons learned and the next steps to take. Listening is more central to this process than talking. Nothing does more for productivity, morale, and employee retention. Less praise?

They have indeed. But psychologists who have studied the effects of praise question its value.

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As with criticism, compliments can actually demotivate people. Recipients may feel manipulated or think too much is expected of them. In one study, students praised less by their science teachers did a better job of conducting experiments on their own than the ones who were praised more.

That is why, in place of perfunctory praise, many educators are shifting to a teaching style in which they ask questions, give feedback, and show interest, but are spare with compliments. So a manager cannot suddenly stop praising an employee who has come to expect it.

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Genuine engagement, though, can require far more time than the 11 minutes per task that managers spend, on average. Because involvement takes more time than keeping your distance, occasions for doing so must be chosen carefully. The more involved you get with employees, the harder it becomes to reprimand them when necessary. Although not the same as personal friendships, engaged professional relationships resemble them in ways that can hinder the supervisory process. The open-ended, less formal nature of an engaged relationship can lead to the unexplored terrain where innovation lies.

While the notion of encouraging mistakes may seem alien—or at least a little unnerving—to many managers, it has some celebrated champions. Failing is one of the greatest arts in the world. One fails forward toward success.